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Coaching Critical Skills to tomorrow's leaders

Why do our children need Critical Skill training?

We as a society, are constantly exposed to news in main stream media, as well as on social media (and many more ways) by stories of crime, social decay, news of all over the world of terror attacks and violence, vandalism. The fact that we are raising our children in a scary world which is not the ideal setting for a child, is no secret. Social decay is creeping into our schools, on the sports field, through friends and ways that we have no control over. Our school systems are focusing on academics or even sports, but often the personal side, the emotional growth of a child is very much neglected. This is prevalent in the amount of bullying, depression, suicide, drug usage, poor social skills, poor self-image in children as young as 10 years old. Anxiety in children and teenagers is on the rise. Our children are seriously in need of something. You as parent can make the difference in your child's life. Set him or her up for success and give them a head start on life.


The lack of critical skills have already evolved so far in our lives so that the place where it is first recognized, is when we reach the office set up. Businesses have realized, that if their personnel don't get access to such training, their productivity will never reach full potential, influencing their profit margins directly. This became enough reason to start accommodating workshops and courses on critical skill training in the corporate world.


This is however not only a corporate challenge. Our children need these skills to succeed in the classroom, in their social lives, in the sports they play, in their family life, with their friends and siblings, their relationships with their parents and life after school.


The fundamentals of critical skills are essential in every person's life and the sooner that we start incorporating it into our children's upbringing, the greater the benefit for them.


So the question arises – how can we NOT teach our children critical skills?

For schools

Schools that share in the vision for a emotionally enhanced youth, creating leaders and the backbone of societies to be are the ideal candidates to run this 20 week program at their schools.  If your school is ready to reap the benefit of learners equipped with the knowledge and the techniques to apply these critical skills in their daily lives, please do not hesitate to contact us.  The course is adapted to be age appropriate for both primary and high school learners.


A 10% discount are offered to schools who still want to book this course for the second semester of 2017


 For private groups

Parents who share the sentiment regarding Critical Skills training and can see the tremendous benefit it would have for their children's future's to be able to apply these Critical Skills in life, are welcome to gather a group of friends for private coaching.  Group coaching can be offered at your home over the next 20 weeks for groups of 5 or more.  These groups must be age group restricted.  Contact us now to set up your own private coaching group.


For individuals

Considering the fact that not all are keen on being part of a group, individual coaching is offered over a 20 week period.  Your child will enjoy the benefit of the undivided attention and support of a private coach.  This kind of coaching is very applicable to your child's individual needs and they then have direct access to a coach who takes them into successful living.  Individual coaching can also be done via Skype if time constraints is an obstacle.  Contact us now to enroll your child today.


For parents

Please feel free to contact us regarding our workshop schedule to determine which one is close to you.